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Музыкальное шоу "Во весь голос": день второй  ......  Music show "At the top of my voice": day two

Mentors of the team of Moldova, Azerbaijan and Russia: Arsenium, Emil Kadyrov and Mark Tishman perform behind the scenes "song" Will the New Year "

Arsenium and his team - second day:

Arsenium is the first time with his team on stage ....   



Mentors of the project "At Full Vote": singer from Moldova Arsenium


The loud premiere on the TV channel "MIR" is an international music contest "At the top of my voice". It involves teenagers from 12 to 17 years old from eight countries. Each team has its own mentor. More about them, we'll talk every Wednesday. Today our story is about the coach of the Moldavian team Arsenium. 

At the beginning of the 2000th Nu mă, nu mă iei, nu mă, nu mă, nu mă iei sang all over the world. One of the fiery trinity - the musical collective O-Zone - Arsenium . 

"I do not even want to remember my first performance, it was in school before all classes, I sang O Sole mio . I was so embarrassed, I shook my hands, I sang so-so. Then I realized that I was still afraid of the scene, I need practice, at home I sang well, "Arsenium said.

Verses and music Arsenium began to write as early as 15 years, and in 17 suddenly decided to become a professional singer with a classmate. The next day we found a teacher on vocals. 

"She directly supported me, she said that I was so talented, I believed in myself and there I already met with the guys from the group O-Zone. And we started touring ", - recalls Arsenium.

Then a solo career and participation in the international contest "Eurovision" in 2006. 

"Frankly, I did not want to go to Eurovision, but at that moment I wanted to try what it means to be a contestant, that's why I now understand the children. I do not like being a contestant, "Arsenium confessed.

The role of the mentor in the contest "At the top of my voice" Arsenium liked. With the participants from Moldova they sang from the first minute. 

Arsenium is 34 years old. He was born in Chisinau, his beloved country is Spain. Likes to read, run, swim. Well, as we have noticed, the favorite word is "super". 

"At the top of my voice" - a musical show, a new offspring of the producer, owner of TEFI, the founder of the production center "LA Group" Lina Arifulina, who has already implemented many successful musical projects. Leaves on the TV channel "MIR" on Sundays.