After nearly 12 years, the most successful group of us, with the largest and most hummed record music hits, O-Zone returned home Square with a concert that the whole world has gone mad!

Clearly excited, the boys told us that O-Zone out for a day on two stages at home and in Bucharest, but not in itself rule out collaboration.

Moreover, the three, told us exclusively are not in conflict, and their relationship is fine, thanks. I saw it with our own eyes.

More details in the video.


Images VIDEO backstage concert in Chisinau O-Zone! Who they have made selfie artists before they enter the scene

After 12 years since the dissolution of the band O-Zone was held today, May 9, in an unexpected concert scene in the Great National Assembly.

Dan Balan, Arsenie Todiraş and Radu Sîrbu  legendary sang songs in front of thousands of people. was at the event and managed to get exclusive backstage images and statements show. They were extremely stingy to give statements to the press, however not denied fans, they were able to make selfie artists.

Democrat MP Sergiu Sîrbu did not hesitate to make their picture Dan Balan. See when the video above.

Radu Sîrbu has revealed it was a phenomenal show and is extremely happy that the band O-Zone song after so many years back home.

Fanii cer reunirea trupei O-Zone! Radu Sîrbu: „Nu este exclusă o colaborare, dar vom vedea ce ne rezevă viitorul”

Multă vreme a trecut, de când membrii trupei O-Zone își croiesc drumuri diferite spre succes. Dan Balan s-a stabilit în SUA, Radu Sîrbu își face o carieră în România, iar Arsenium concertează prin Rusia. 

S-ar părea că e ireal să-i mai vedem împreună, însă acum o zi, doi dintre membrii legendarei trupe s-au reîntâlnit. Radu Sîrbu a postat o fotografie pe contul său de Facebook, în care apare alături de Arsenium.

L-am contactat pe Radu Sîrbu să ne ofere mai multe detalii despre reîntâlnirea sa cu Arsenium.

„Ne-am întâlnit ca doi vechi amici. Arsenie a venit în vizită la noi, la Rassada Music și printre altele, discuții, amintiri, am înregistrat câte ceva, nu este exclusă o colaborare, dar vom vedea ce ne rezeva viitorul”

Dintr-o singură fotografie, a fost evident că publicul păstrează în amintiri timpul în care O-Zone făcea senzație prin lume, iar o eventuală reunire ar fi o adevărată bombă.

Despre acest lucru ne putem convinge dacă citim comentariile la fotografie, care au CURS una după alta. Practic fiecare internaut a menționat că așteaptă reunirea trupei O-Zone.

Chiar și așa, Radu Sîrbu nu promite o relansare a trupei:

O-zone este istorie, frumoasă de altfel, din care am făcut și fac parte. Sunt mândru de asta, dar eu am depășit aceasta etapă, sunt mulțumit pe plan profesional și personal. Eventual putem discuta de o posibila colaborare, dar după cum am menționat mai sus, vom vedea ce ne rezervă viitorul.

E posibilă sau nu o reunire a trupei O-Zone, nu se știe, de aceea ne rămâne să savurăm din piesele vechi ale trupei:

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Fans of the band O-Zone reunion sky! Radu Sirbu: "It is not excluded cooperation, but we will see what we Backup power future"

Much time has passed since the band O-Zone forge their different paths to success. Dan Balan in USA, Radu Sirbu make their careers in Romania and Arsenium concerts in Russia.

Apparently it's unreal to see you together, but now a days, two members of the legendary band were reunited. Radu Sirbu posted a photo on his Facebook account, which appears next to Arsenium.

I contacted Radu Sirbu give us more details about his reunion with Arsenium.

"We met like two old friends. Arsenie came to visit us at the Music seedlings among other things discussions, memories, I recorded something, is not excluded cooperation, but we will see what we RESERVE future "

From a single photo it was evident that the public retains memories during the O-Zone was feeling in the world, and a possible reunion would be a bomb.

About this if we can convince the photo read comments that flowed one after another. Virtually every netizen said he looked reunion band O-Zone.

Even so, Radu Sirbu does not promise a revival of the band:

O-zone is history and beautiful by the way, which I did belong. I'm proud of that, but I have overcome this stage, are satisfied professionally and personally. Eventually we can discuss a possible collaboration, but as I mentioned above, we will see what the future holds.

It's possible or not O-Zone reunion is not known, so let us savor the old songs of the band: